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Final issue of Superficial Flesh out now!

The final issue of Superficial Flesh features artwork by Hugo-winning artist Galen Dara and stories by Philip K. Dick Award-nominated author Cassandra Rose Clarke, 2012 Nebula nominee Cat Rambo, Abbey Mei Otis, Frank Ard, Brooke Bolander, Caren Gussoff, and Lucas Johnson.

Spring 2014

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Call for Submissions for a New Thematic Issue: "Women's Bodies"

The new issue of Superficial Flesh will focus on a specific theme: empowerment and women's bodies. Here's how the focus evolved. Recently, whenever I read a news report, I was smacked in the face with how often a woman's body is called into question or subjected to scrutiny by legislative authorities who may have no idea (or simply don't care) what it is to live and breathe as a female.

What do I mean by "Women's Bodies"? I'm looking for stories, poems, art, etc, that somehow respond to the ways women's bodies are written, encoded, and legislated, both in American culture and worldwide. I'm looking for submissions that work inside genre and outside of it, that transgress, that are either/or/in-between, and that tell the story of a body subjected to control and ridicule simply for existing. Although I say "women's" bodies, this does not necessarily mean the story be *about* a woman, per se. Additionally, the stories need not be written by women. The submissions simply must examine problems creatures face when their material being comes under scrutiny. Empowerment, control, etc, can evolve as themes of any of these stories. As usual, I do like stories that offer some weird bent on the world.

Since this issue is online only, the contributors will receive pdf versions of the magazine. If we find any funding, we will be happy to provide monetary compensation later down the line.

Please use our submission manager and submit by March 31, 2012, if you would like to be involved in this issue. Note: DO NOT submit if your work falls outside of this theme.

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Spring 2010 issue in three versions!

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We love our writers.

Pardon the dragging of our feet here, but we've got news that demands more respect than that. Each year, the Pushcart Prize series solicits nominations from the wide spectrum that is the small, independent press. We're pleased to announce that we nominated Gabriel Decrease's poem "Sad Steps" (SF, Vol 3.1) for the coveted award this year.

More information about the Pushcart Prize here.

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